Clients Lists

What clients say about Paul O. Radde, Ph.D.

"If you are going to custom-tailor your keynotes to the degree you did for our association, you will have to charge more"
          Meeting Planner

"We haven't had a keynoter who actually customizes as much as you did. Most just work in the name of our organization at some point."
          Association Executive

"This was a paradigm breaking presentation!"
          Director, Lockheed Executive Managment Institute

"Your presentation at the ASAE Management Conference. Outer Calm Through Inner Conflict Resolution, drew the most participants among closing concurrents, over 40 versus 5 or 6 in other sessions, and earned a 5.8 out of a possible 6.0 evaluation."
         Barbara Silversmith, ASAE Education Staff

"At the ASAE Management Conference, yours was the only session I attended for the fun of it. It was a nice way to unwind from a number of days attending intensive sessions. While I recognize, that your main emphasis is 'on getting people grounded,' you do emit enough lightning to knock someone over! Indeed, during your session I felt that I was thriving"     Robert Cywinski, CAE, Manager Prog. Dev.
          Lions Clubs International

"For the most part, you received the highest or next to the highest ratings with a scattering of medium ratings. Most of the comments were very positive. Even the negative comments were positive... 'the session contained more information than I could digests' ... 'I wish we could do a full session'"
          Pamela Wiiams, CAE. Director of Membership
          Nurses Association of the American College of Obstretics and Gynecology

"As you can see by the enclosed [rating all "1's"], your session, Managing Internal Relations, was a dramatic success at the retreat. Your ability to advocate your agenda and at the same time, be flexible in reading the group was clearly one of the strengths of the session. There was a strong sense of renewal and bonding that took place at the retreat which was one of our central objectives."
          Scott A Mason, DPA. Managing Partner
          National Health Advisors, Ltd.

"Your presentation"Developing Human Capital" was very well received. In addition to the content, your use of art, cartoons and toys added much to your presentation"
          Cheryl Bevel, American Nurses Association

"Managing the Survival Mentality proved to be one of the highlights of the meetings. It was obvious that our members not only enjoyed your presentation, but every one of them will be able to utilize the skills you taught them in their everyday personal and professional lives."
         John Gessaman, Chairman, Greater Washington Bd. of Trade

"An easily identifiable marker as to the source of my delight in and appreciation of the training itself was the outstanding facilitation of, Paul Radde, and... It became evident early on that this was not just a run-of-the-mill facilitator, he cared: not only to do a good job for his own personal satisfaction, but that he cared deeply for each one of us. He showed the class that it was fun to learn how to be more effective in communicating using our feelings..."
          Donald Aronson, FDA European Desk Officer. International Affairs Staff

"Extremely sophisticated, knowledgeable... Presented change in a 'down to earth' manner... I liked the clarity of his presentation... He was fired up... A full day would have been nice... Paul Radde was a well prepared speaker... the use of handouts and AV was outstanding"          
          Comment from participants, Assoc. of Mental Health Administrators