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  • Executive Staff Retreats: Design and Facilitation
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    Executive Staff & Board Retreats

    Morale boosting, succession planning, strategic planning, mission synthesis, accumulated issues, team and skill building are a few of the driving forces behind executive staff retreats. Your business, board, association, department, or work unit will benefit from a meeting that has direct and immediate application. Everything that happens is part of the life of that organization and folds directly into present and future working relationships.

    The agenda can range from dealing with recent succession of new officers, morale, team work, collaboration, strategic planning, communication, and learning of shared problem solving and decision making skills. This is a working session. All players need to be present for the real life of the organization goes on. Decisions from this session carry over directly to the workplace.

    Host this meeting in your place of business, at your annual meeting, or in a residential center where your participants will build more lasting relationships.

    Time required: from 1-2 days, depending upon issues. Consultant conducts confidential interviews of a representative cross section of participants prior to the session, and clears the final workshop design, which is based on those findings, with the client.

    Typically, two assessments are conducted: the Learning Styles Inventory to generate a group profile on problem solving, and the Myers Briggs Personality Styles Inventory with individual feedback to participants, and work unit profiles based on temperament. Participants typically take home a work plan for future meetings, improved meeting skills, group problem solving and decision making skills, integration of new professional practices, communication skills, understanding and appreciation of each other, team and collaboration skills.

    Paul O. Radde, Ph.D.,, has designed and facilitated executive staff retreats for the American Red Cross Quality Assurance Division, National Wholesale Druggists Assn., National Association of Counties, American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Petroleum Marketers Assn. Of America, Alexandria Va., School Administrators, Montgomery County Public Schools School Psychologists and Administrators, American Pharmaceutical Association, American Feed Industries Assn.,Grid Systems.

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