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SEATING MATTERS State of the Art Seating Arrangements [book]

Add zip to your meetings -- optimize the learning environment…and increase capacity! Improve line of sight, comfort, safety, dynamics, and networking. You will learn 5 seating principles and 17 factors that will help you troubleshoot any meeting room. Learn quick design tips, AV, traffic flow, noise, and lighting. Accommodate surprise last minute registrations and ADA requirements. Learn why rounds are not necessarily the best choice for your meeting.

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Thrival ! How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day

The core practice required to thrive is total and unconditional self-acceptance. It also helps to
deal with the 3 major stressors and energy drains in our lives: shame, guilt, and fear. Learn to
protect yourself from those who will test your newfound joy, including yourself. Learn 5 major factors that you can control in your life to make every day an above average day. Attitude is everything, or in a Thrival context Innertude®. Dr. Paul’s 26 year journey in writing this book is reflected in the basic elements of making the transition from survival to Thrival. His comprehensive approach will assure that you will know what you are doing, not relying on some mystical twist. How alive do you want to be? Deserve to be? Know how to be? Then, how do you sustain yourself with that warm glow you associate with being successful? Thrival! Lights the way.

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Learn to give yourself a “blue sky day” every day. This is a good as it gets. You owe it to yourself and those around you to enjoy your life to the fullest.



The Supervision Transition!

“Well begun is half done.” This holds true with supervising. Many get into the position due to it being the seeming “next step,” yet are ill suited to work with others. Give your employees this guidebook as the first stage in making the “supervision decision.”. They gain an accurate description of the supervisory position and decide if it is for them. As their manager or HR person, you will benefit from how little of your time is required, as well as refresh yourself about the position. The employee who chooses to supervise will already gain some orientation to the position and be able to smooth the transition. Help new supervisors harvest their experience as employees to become the type of manager they wish they had had. And when you encounter an employee who thinks that managers don’t do anything, give that employee this book to read and become informed about supervising. Major utilities have used this book state wide for all levels of employees. It is practical and readable.

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Supervising: A Guide for All Levels.

Your job as a manager is to develop self-managing employees. This book will help. Your employees are consenting adults. They have a contract. So, whether you are absent, on vacation, or oblivious, they still have a job for which they are getting paid. Learn your rights, responsibilities, and resources as a manager. Pick up tips, tools, and techniques for getting initiative from and sharing responsibility with your employees, work unit, team members. This classic adult-adult approach to management will reduce your wear and tear on the job and bring your employees to maturity. Getting ready for a supervisory conference? Pull Supervising off the shelf and read the module to prep for that conference. Concerned about getting the most out of your people, see the module titled, Forget Motivation – guide off of objectives, activities, and results.

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The Thrival State & Basic Relaxation – [1 CD]

How ALIVE do you want to be? Now you have a choice regarding the quality of your life. Make a fresh start today with effective practices to sustain that “feeling” of success. Stop the buildup of negative energy that comes from stressing and shaming yourself. Go to the very core issue of direct self-acceptance. Face it, and move through to the next stage in human evolution and enjoyment of life, Thrival!

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Improve your lifestyle, optimism, and immune system. Reduce the impact of daily stressors.


Benefits of the Trait of High Perception in Oneself and Others – (2 CD Set)

Overview: High sensitivity is an inherited trait of 15-20% of the population. The highly perceptive individual, HPI, is a conscientious and self-managing person with high integrity. HPI’s tend to be empathic, intuitive, creative, careful and conscientious.

The highly perceptive individual inherited a more finely calibrated nervous systems that allows him/her to notice more in the environment, tending to pick up on subtle cues, nuance, and contextual meaning. The HPI tends to deeply reflect on everything before acting, process information more thoroughly, detect and understand more precisely whatever data is taken in. The HPI is a natural problem solver. It is important that the HPI understand and appreciate his or her trait, then utilize these unique gifts professionally and personally.

Coping Skills: Optimizing the creative environment for the HPI is important to optimize productivity, for example, providing full spectrum fluorescent lighting, The HPI is more sensitive to noise, lighting, medication, food additives, effluents in the air, and the moods of others. The HPI can become overwhelmed by large quantities of input. They have special needs for sanctuary and solitude, adequate sleep, and regeneration.

Through an overview of the trait and an emphasis on coping skills, participants gain an appreciation of the trait and strengths of high sensitivity that will improve how they manage that trait in themselves and how they deal with colleagues with this trait.

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